As a member of the AAUW-Concord Branch you’ll receive

  • A monthly newsletter that keeps you informed about branch, community, and regional events
  • Updates on local measures, fiscal issues, and education policies affecting you and your family
  • The AAUW-CA and AAUW National magazines that keep you informed about the AAUW programs and the public policies that are impacting women and girls.

As a member of the AAUW-Concord Branch you’ll have the opportunity

  • To lead and contribute to project-based activities that impact your community
  • To support women’s endeavors in higher education
  • To support girls in developing the academic skills needed to succeed in school and the workplace
  • To support children and families in need
  • To contribute to the discussion of national issues via Great Decisions
  • To develop leadership skills
  • To meet like-minded women in your community

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